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Centaur – Antimicrobial Trunking – Myths

Antimicrobial Trunking – Myths About Silver Ion Technology Antimicrobial Trunking – Myths About Silver Ion Technology, there are several myths concerning this which most likely stem from the fact that as with the bacteria and viruses it tackles it cannot be seen. The myths include: It works only in wet conditions As silver is a precious metal it must be expensive Only works on bacteria Acts as a disinfectant It works only in wet conditions There is always sufficient moisture in the atmosphere for silver ions to...

Centaur – Antimicrobial Trunking Systems

 Centaur Antimicrobial Trunking Systems  Whilst the awareness of the need to take all possible measures to limit the spread of traditional bacteria and microorganisms  is itself far more widespread than a few years ago, the assisted technology has continued to develop in the support and fight against the so-called superbugs. Antimicrobial additives such as zinc or silver are now widely used in such diverse areas as from fabrics, flooring, paints and other coatings and in the raw materials of plastics. The...

Centaur – Re-cycling of Materials

Centaur & Their Re-cycling of Materials Centaur have been manufacturing uPVC products since 1974. In the early 1980’s the company invested in its own compound plant for the processing of the raw resin by adding UV stabilisers, impact modifiers and the white pigmentation titanium dioxide. Formulated by mixing and drying into a powder the uPVC material is then used by either continuous extrusion or injection moulding. For a manufacturing operation such as Centaur the raw material that it manufactures is the...

Centaur – Light Oak Wood

Centaur Light Oak Wood Finish uPVC extrusion manufacturer Centaur has extended its decorative light oak wood effect finish to the Meridian range of three compartment dado trunking. The soft-edge profile of Meridian features flexible internal and external bends, hinged covers and pre-pierced base to assist a quick and easy installation. The light oak effect makes this a solution for applications such as a boardroom, an office or a lecture theatre.