Beds & Bars

Beds & Bars


Company: Beds & Bars | Location: UK & Europe | Sector: Travel & Tourism

Looking for a special purpose bedhead unit, Paul Butler of Interpub PLC part of the Beds and Bars group of companies, turned to City Electrical Factors of Daventry and their manufacturer, RPP of Redditch for a solution.

Beds and Bars is a leading operator of budget tourist accomodation and entertainment venues, across the UK and europe.

Socket outlets that are suitable for travellers from both within the UK and from europe meant that UK British Standard13 amp and european…

CEE 7 16 amp were therefore necessary. Equally imporant these days, a dual USB charger point suitable for smart phones, tablets and other devices with an output rating of 2.1 amps. For safety, the socket outlets are protected by a 13 amp replaceable fuse and the USB charger by an internal, auto reset overload.

To provide a night light a switchable LED lamp was built into the aluminium body and with modules manufactured…

from polycarbonate the finished product provided a very robust solution.

“During the design process”, said Paul Butler, “RPP offered in the new twin USB charger module that was perfect for the application and our clientelle…” The current project is underway at St Christopher’s Village, a flagship 21st Century back packer hostel in the heart of central London.