Bolton at Home

Bolton at Home


Company: Bolton at Homes | Location: Bolton | Sector: Residential

Senior engineers from Bolton at Home, a registered charity providing social housing met with M2 Electrical sales representatives to outline their needs for servicing 18,000 homes in the borough.

Bolton at Home required a bespoke-sized consumer unit with lift up lid for 200 properties and they were impressed by the prospect of M2’s patented dual screw isolator – the key reasoning being the heightened safety aspect of the device, to ensure the protection of its residents’ well-being.

Furthermore, to maximise space available, Bolton at Home took up the option of utilising M2 Compact RCBOs, ensuring a neat and tidy install.

Since specifying M2 Electrical, Bolton at Home now has its very own standardised 10-way board with RCBOs, branded with the Bolton at Home logo.

Tony Worthington of Bolton at Home commented, “M2 Electrical were able to produce a unit to our specific requirements / dimensions with the added safety benefit of the dual screw isolator. In addition to this, the wiring space available using their compact RCBOs further emphasised the need to specify M2.”