Brentford FC

Brentford FC


Company: Brentford FC | Location: Hounslow | Sector: Sport & Leisure

Proteus Industrial where asked provided a Pro2000 cubicle panel to provide power to the stands.

The job was originally specified through a competitor who was unable to give a delivery date so the contractor turned to CEF Kingston for an alternative offering. Proteus and CEF provided a quote in 2 days and delivery date of 4-5 weeks and the order was won on this premise.

The panel was designed to accept the incoming supply directly from the SS & E supply. A dedicated area within the panel was provided for housing the SS & E current transformers together with meter fuses and sealing pins.
The main incomer was an 800A mccb which fed a bank of 100A & 200A switch-fuse-disconnectors. These provided the power to lighting and catering facilities.

The panel was built to Form 2b type 2 segregation. Front access, top entry & exit cabling was specified. Switch-fuse-disconnectors were required to be fully rated to switching category AC23 for highly inductive loads.