Cygnus Homes

Cygnus Homes


Company: Cygnus Home | Location: Cambridge | Sector: Residential

Cygnus Homes produce modular, off site construction PassivHaus and energy efficient homes; providing choice and increasing profitability for housing developers, whilst reducing living costs for owners and occupiers.

“ We are marking a step change in homes that are adaptable, affordable, energy efficient, E-smart and which allow a family to evolve in a healthy living life home with annual energy bills for a 3 bed house as little as £250”, said Roger Walker, CEO of Cygnus. “Our Cygnus E-smart homes provide a suite of 16 floor plans which are adaptable and configurable to 100 bespoke house types with our unique E-Riser service core technology, with 4 patents pending, rationalising whole house mechanical plumbing and electrical services and delivering economical solutions which are…

both environmentally sustainable and all controllable through our Cygnus Smart Hub.

Choosing the right manufacturing partners was key to the success of the overall development. We wanted leading names with stable resources and ideally, British based. M2 Electrical fitted perfectly offering the right quality of product and a proactive approach to the new ideas necessary to bring such a concept to reality.”

Anticipating the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations M2 metalclad consumer units were fitted with RCBO protection on all circuits including those dedicated to lighting. The unique mains isolator incorporates the patented dual screw terminal…

providing enhanced safety by reducing the risk of potential loose connections. Utilising plug and socket connectors from the consumer unit, the purpose-made design speeds up installation whilst reducing waste, as all radial circuits are carefully calculated to the meet the exact requirements of the build structure. Fitted throughout the installation is the M2 decorative range of electrical accessories; selecting the brushed stainless steel options with a matching finish to the rocker switches.