Environmental Policy

IMD's Environmental Policy


IMD is one of the UK’s leading electrical equipment manufacturers of LV Switchgear, Wiring Accessories and Containment products and is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.

As part of our sustainability commitment, IMD is actively looking to reduce its impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and consumption of energy, whilst minimising the environmental risks of our manufacturing & distribution facilities as well as product use by customers.


This policy is set out to cover all IMD UK facilities and company employees located both internal (i.e. factory personnel) and external (i.e. accounts & sales team) to the operational sites.

Our Objectives

The IMD group of companies’ objectives are to continually look at ways to reduce our impact on the environment by:

Reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions at each of our UK facilities

Increased reliance on renewable energy both sourced and generated at all UK facilities

Managing of our waste streams to avoid landfill

Reduction of on-site water consumption, and

Managing of hazardous waste materials.

Our Measures

As set out above, the IMD Group implements the following measures and targets to meet our objectives:

  1. Full engagement from all SMT / Employees, including
    1. Mandatory training for all Employees either as part of an induction process, or as part of an annual review of this policy
    2. Policy communicated with both internal and external stakeholders through our Sustainability and Social Value annual report
    3. Publication of the policy, along with data from our Sustainability & Social Value report, on our website
  2. Reduction of energy consumption through the use of low energy lighting, timer-controlled circuits and a commitment to introduce renewable energy systems generated on site(s)
  3. Commitment for all IMD sites to procure energy from renewable sources at all sites
  4. Increase number of sites from 3 to 5 by 2025 using outsourced waste management companies wherein 100% of waste is diverted from landfill, currently at 67.7% of our waste.
  5. Management of on-site water and a target to reduce consumption from 4,388 m3 to less than 4,000 m3 by 2025 through the introduction of self-closing taps and waste through leakages.
  6. Ensuring all hazardous waste streams are managed through certified companies.
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