Environmental Policy



Installation Materials Division is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of electrical switchgear and cable management products for the domestic, light commercial and industrial markets. The company is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment and to ensuring continual improvement in environmental management throughout all aspects of the organisation.

Our Policy

  • Ensuring compliance with current environmental legislation including the Packaging Waste Regulations 2007, Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Regulation SI 2013 No. 3113.
  • To use energy as efficiently as possible throughout our factories and offices and to make use of the latest technology where feasible to drive improvement.
  • Increase the use recycled materials where possible and where detriment to the safety of the company’s products is not compromised.
    Minimise the waste generated to landfill.
  • Engage with the company’s supply chain to help achieve their environmental objectives.
  • Consider environmental implications during the design process, on any new products and in resourcing materials, components and finished items.
  • To reduce the amount of single-use plastics wherever possible in the company’s packaging materials.

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