Falmouth University

Falmouth University


Company: Dodd Group | Location: Packsaddle | Sector: Student Accommodation

Three new blocks comprising 125 rooms of student accommodation have been developed for Falmouth University at Packsaddle near Penryn. The university, being the second largest employer in Cornwall, has about 6,000 students with a general shortage of accommodation, so this purpose built mix of studios and cluster flats was not only most welcome but also freed up other properties in the area.

Developed by the Dodd Group, the rooms were supplied with purpose made illuminated power trunking modules as supplied by Centaur Manufacturing of Redditch. The three compartment uPVC modules were fitted with LED lighting strips to provide reading light plus power socket outlets some with the all- important USB integrated charging outlets. Each unit was protected by its own in-line RCBO.

“We didn’t know this sort of product was available”, said Project Manager Peter Phillis. “Following a discussion with Centaur a sample was approved and supply quickly followed. Having the units populated saved us time on site which was very useful”.