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Consumer Units

Circuit Protection Devices

Wiring Accessories

M2 consumer units, circuit protection devices and soft edge wiring accessories have been designed to be both stylish and practical for the modern home or commercial office.

Consumer units manufactured to the latest wiring regulations feature innovative products such as the compact RCBO and patented designs as incorporated in the mains isolator.

M2 soft edge wiring accessories, both stylish and practical for the modern home or commercial office. Suitable to replace traditional products but equally at home in contemporary settings.

Modular design enables the installer to provide solutions to suit exact customer requirements with maximum flexibility. 

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Quality Assurance

As a company policy to ensure customer confidence products undergo third party certification and all active devices are 100% tested prior to shipping. Furthermore the manufacturing processes have been awarded ISO9001:2015 Quality System by the British Standards Institute for its design, manufacture and supply of electrical wiring accessories and LV Switchgear.



As part of our UK testing facility, thermal testing of miniature circuit breakers and RCBO devices ensure our products meet the performance requirements of
BS EN 60898. Our range of RCD and RCBO devices undergo 100% electronic testing to ensure each device trips within the required time parameters. Each device is given a unique code following testing for complete traceability.

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Wiring Accessories

We also do routine tests on our wiring accessories with 100% electrical and mechanical tests along with keeping the individual test records for each product tested.

Quality Assurance

BSI ISO 9001:2015


Bespoke Units

In addition to our standard product range, we have the ability to offer fully bespoke units, tailored to customer needs to suit any individual installation.

Insulated, IP rated or metalclad units | Optional circuit control devices | Pre-wired short circuit protective devices | Fully tested assembly


CPD Certified Training Course

This seminar will provide: A Guide to BS7671:2008 – Amendment 1 2011 and Surge Protection Devices (SPDs).

Surges are short-term high voltage impulses, other names being, transients, glitches and spikes, these show themselves for a very short duration of time, typically some micro seconds.


Case Study – Bolton at Home

Senior engineers from Bolton at Home, a registered charity providing social housing met with M2 Electrical sales representatives to outline their needs for servicing 18,000 homes in the borough.

Bolton at Home required a bespoke-sized consumer unit with lift up lid for 200 properties and they were impressed by the prospect of M2’s patented dual screw isolator – the key reasoning being the heightened safety aspect of the device, to ensure the protection of its residents’ well-being.
Furthermore, to maximise space available, Bolton at Home took up the option of utilising M2 Compact RCBOs, ensuring a neat and tidy install.

Since specifying M2 Electrical, Bolton at Home now has its very own standardised 10-way board with RCBOs, branded with the Bolton at Home logo. Tony Worthington of Bolton at Home commented, “M2 Electrical were able to produce a unit to our specific requirements / dimensions with the added safety benefit of the dual screw isolator. In addition to this, the wiring space available using their compact RCBOs further emphasised the need to specify M2.”


Quality Assurance

BSI ISO 9001:2015

UK manufacturing

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