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For over 30 years, Proteus Switchgear has been at the forefront of British manufacturing – specialising in the production of domestic consumer units and circuit protective devices, working proficiently to supply a full and varied product range.

In addition to our standard product range, we have the ability to offer fully bespoke units, tailored to customer needs to suit any individual installation.

At Proteus, we are entirely committed to the design and development of our products with the future in mind. Our values insist that we are continuously endeavouring to provide 100% tested products alongside features and benefits that allow us to excel within the Switchgear industry.

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Quality Assurance

As a company policy to ensure customer confidence products undergo third party certification and all active devices are 100% tested prior to shipping. Furthermore the manufacturing processes have been awarded ISO9001:2015 Quality System by the British Standards Institute for its design, manufacture and supply of electrical LV Switchgear.


As part of our UK testing facility, thermal testing of miniature circuit breakers and RCBO devices ensure our products meet the performance requirements of BS EN 60898.

Our range of RCD and RCBO devices undergo 100% electronic testing to ensure each device trips within the required time parameters. Each device is given a unique code following testing for complete traceability.


In the Proteus Industrial factory we have a purpose built, temperature controlled test room. This allows us to test our products at their rated current to ensure no problems occur. We have various current injection test sets, 3 phase and 1 phase, with a maximum output of up to 2500A.

Our current injection sets are continuously rated allowing us to test the products for many hours after the temperature steady state condition has been reached. This is far in excess of BS EN standards which require only temperature steady state to be achieved for 1 hour.


LV Switchgear

With increasing emphasis on energy conservation, Proteus Switchgear offers the complete range of intrinsic energy management, varying from timeswitch and relay logic to electronic microprocessor control* of lighting, heating and ventilation and fire/security systems.

Laser Cutting Machine

Once sheets of steel or copper are brought into the factory, the first process will be going through the CNC fibre laser machine. This machine cuts out all of our pre-programmed parts from the sheet material before they go on to the next step, bending on the press brake. 

Bespoke Units

In addition to our standard product range, we have the ability to offer fully bespoke units, tailored to customer needs to suit any individual installation.

Insulated, IP rated or metalclad units | Optional circuit control devices | Pre-wired short circuit protective devices | Fully tested assembly


CPD Certified Training Course

18th Edition Wiring Regulations

This presentation highlights the proposed significant changes to the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, related to the protection of electrical equipment from electrical surges. It considers protection against voltage transients on the electrical installation only. Consideration should also be given to the protection against transient over-voltages transmitted by data transmission systems. BS EN 50174 refers.

BS EN 61439

BS EN 61439 is a series of standards to which LV switchgear manufacturers must comply. This course will explain what it is; the various parts; changes since the previous standard and how switchgear manufacturers comply with these new standards.


Case Study – Blackfriars

Rising up behind the Black Friars Inn, Salford, Manchester, itself a Grade II listed building now renovated as part of the project, are two striking towers of apartments as developed by M&E contractors Aberla M&E, part of the Aberla Group from Warrington.

Local Blackfriars, a Domis Construction led project consists of 380 luxury apartments, townhouses and top floor penthouses, plus a gym, café, cinema, launderette, a landscaped piazza area and commercial accommodation on the ground floor.

Proteus EV - Banner Image

Proteus – EV Charger Distribution Units

Are you fitting EV charger distribution units and finding restrictions such as space or you need more outgoing ways, surge protection or metering? Here at Proteus switchgear we can provide all of this and more. Proteus Switchgear specialise in creating bespoke switchgear to exact customer requirements. EV switchgear requirements can be varied, but due to our manufacturing capabilities and design department we are able to offer exactly what is needed for the job. We can offer a complete range of standard...

Proteus – Surge Protected 3-Phase Distribution Boards

The iconic BX range of 3-Phase Distribution Boards from Proteus Industrial is also available with factory fitted surge protection. The Surge Protected 3-Phase Distribution Boards features a huge range of options for the installer. 443.4 - Protection against transient overvoltages shall be provided where the consequence caused by overvoltage…   Results in serious injury to, or loss of, human life, or Public services or damage to cultural heritage, or Commercial or industry activity, or A large number of co-located individuals   The above means that the vast majority...

Proteus Switchgear – Proteus Industrial has launched a new range of MCBs!

Current ratings are available from 2A to 63A and B, C and D tripping curves. All Proteus MCBs and RCBOs are compatible with all current Proteus Industrial MCB boards such as the ABX range (the smallest 3 phase board on the market today available from 2 TP ways), the BX range (Our standard type B 3 phase distribution board), the XL range (A wider 600mm 3 phase distribution board for extra wiring room), the CBX range (a combination board...

Proteus Switchgear – Surge Protection Devices

Proteus Switchgear Release EMIST2 Since the introduction of the 18th Edition, there has been a growing demand for the use of Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) for not only commercial and industrial applications, but also the domestic market sector. This compact unit offers dedicated isolation to the installation with the added benefit of an SPD. Also, the SPD is uniquely connected to the isolator switch by two fully insulated bus bar links, meaning the only connections the installer has to make is...


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